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Help the Timber Trail

We're here to make a difference!

Hi fellow cycle trail enthusiast, welcome and thanks for considering supporting the Friends of the Timber Trail.

We exist to help support the Timber Trail Cycle trail, and complement the great work undertaken by DOC and the Waitomo District Council and Ruapehu District Council.   We are working to ensure that the Timber Trail continues to be a pleasure to ride – and is accessible to as many riders as possible. All donations will be used for this purpose.

If you have ridden the trail - you will know what a treasure it is, and with a little help we can continue to enhance it including things like:

  • More signage

  • Shelters, toilets and picnic tables

  • Interpretive boards

  • Track surface development

  • Additional connections

  • Pest control

  • Connecting people

Ultimately - we want to put more in so we all get an even better ride experience!

Check out current projects here

Thank you for choosing to donate to the maintenance and development of the Timber Trail.  

Thank you to our funding partners